ZEBRIK Household A-Type Home Ladders can be used in the middle of the room, underneath a tree for trimming or a variety of other locations where safety support is available. This popular twin step ladder which provides rungs on either side of the ladder allowing you to climb up whichever side is more convienent and allows you and a friend to climb the ladder simultaneously.

Product Details:

Dimensions (l x b x h)  All

Anodised                      Yes

Weight                          Standard


This Ladder can be used to clean fans,Aluminium House Hold Ladder to take out things from the loft ,it is also provided witha tooltray where it can carry a weight of 25 kg. The overall load capacity of the ladder is 100 kg


Available Heights:


  • 3 feet to 32 feet
  • Ladder can be reached up to a height of 9.5 feet 4 feet
  • Ladder can be reached up to a height of 11 feet 5 feet
  • Ladder can be reached up to a height of 12 feet 6 feet
  • Ladder can be reached up to a height of 13 feet


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