ZEBRIK Multipurpose Folding ladder is able to accomplish the tasks of two or more of the other types of ladders can be best domestic ladders giving the user a variety of options when completing different tasks around the house or on the job. Multi-purpose ladders are able to be opened into a step ladder position in order to be climbable and fully self-supportable. One of the most convenient things with a multi-purpose ladder is the ability to use one ladder and make scaffolding for your planks or platforms. Finally, the multi-purpose ladder can be completely closed when not in use into a storage position which makes storing it easy and efficient.


Dimensions (l x b x h)       All

Anodised                           Yes

Weight                              Standard


We are offering a quality examined range of Aluminum Auto Folding Ladder in several customizations. Having modular adjustment and advanced folding mechanism, the offered folding ladder is mostly preferred by clients of retail shops, malls, warehouses, factories, etc. we provide this ladder as per client requirement.


  • Easily foldable
  • Fine finish
  • Easy to lift and move


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